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Paperchain’s Revenue Advancing Platform Revolutionizes Media Payments By Offering On Demand Payments For Streaming Income

Paperchain is currently looking to fill a Summer Digital Marketing & Social Media intern position

We’re looking for a Backend Data Engineer to help maintain our ETL and continue expanding our data integrations and scalability.

At DeFi Summit London, Paperchain & Centrifuge leveraged funding from the Maker Foundation, one of the teams contributing to the Maker Protocol, a decentralized finance protocol, to advance US$60,035 in Spotify revenue to a Paperchain record label customer.

Author: David Gogel (Paperchain)
Editor: Daniel Dewar (Paperchain)


  • At DeFi Summit London, Paperchain worked with Centrifuge and the Maker Foundation (“Maker”) to advance $60,000 USD in Spotify revenue to a Paperchain record label customer;
  • While media consumption has shifted to streaming and on demand models, the revenue and payments process…

On the latest episode of The Future of What podcast, Paperchain founder Daniel Dewar talks with Music Biz Association’s Portia Sabin about our effort to speed up payments to labels and artists.

Paperchain has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Midemlab competition!


Paperchain has developed the first collateral-backed loan product for streaming media to get creators paid faster.

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